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Just when we thought life couldn't get any better along came Saige! We welcomed our beautiful daughter on July 1, 2009 at 4:32 AM. Weighing in at 7 pounds, 10 ounces and 19.5 inches long. We feel so blessed to have her in our lives and to share such love!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

2 Weeks Old!

Today Saige had her 2 week check-up. The doctor says she's doing great! She now weighs 9 pounds, 1 ounce! This is amazing considering she weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces at birth. She's also grown 2 1/2 inches.

Clif and Terra can't remember what life was like before their little Sweet Saige came along. In these last two weeks Clif, Terra and Saige have all learned so much! It's like the three of them are all on the same team - each learning about one another and teaching each other new things. It's an amazing experience!

Saige has already changed so much. She's getting a pudgy belly and little chub rolls. Her vision has improved so she can lock eyes with you and will occasionally give a big grin. All in all she's a good baby - she doesn't have crying fits for no apparent reason. But she does let you know when she's hungry! Which seems like all the time - just like her mom and dad she loves to eat!
She'll usually sleep for several 3 hour blocks of time during the night, although she still stays up late and sleeps in. This is fine for Terra who can sleep in with her but not so good for Clif who now has to get up early for work.

Saige and her sister, Lovebug

Daddy and Saige

Best Friends - Saige and Grace

Saige, Liam and Grace

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